Help, my bike has fallen and I can’t pick it up!

Help, my bike has fallen and I can’t pick it up! There an app for that… No not really but there is a helpful trick.

There are two kinds of people who say they have never dropped their bike. 1) They haven’t been riding long or 2) THEY ARE LYING. Ride long enough and you will drop your bike. It happens to the best of riders. With the weight of the big bikes these days you will eventually lean the bike past the point of no return and it is going down. There are two bad things that happens whenever you do drop your bike… 1) You have to pick it up and… 2) IT IS EMARRASSING. It just doesn’t look cool and all bikers are cool… why else would they ride?

Sometimes there isn’t anyone around so it isn’t embarrassing but it does make you mad at yourself. NOW, how do I get this many hundred pound (900+ pounds for the Goldwing I ride now) beast back upright by myself? Fortunately you are not picking up the full weight of the bike. Hopefully your bike has a low center of gravity (my Goldwing does). One of the problems is finding places to grab hold of on the bike to pick it up. You need someplace strong enough to hold the weight. I usually grab the handlebar and the pillion grab rails. Hopefully you can get a good hold with your back to the bike. You can do it facing the bike but its easier with your back to the bike…With your back to the bike you can do the lifting with your legs. Most people can get her up… especially if the adrenaline has kicked in.

I mention a trick earlier. Here it is… This makes a world of difference. Rather than explain… Here is a good video demonstrating the technique.

As you can tell I HAVE dropped my bike… I have lost count the number of times and on several occasions I did have to pick it up by myself. I’m 5’6” and weight 145 pounds and older than dirt, so if I can do it I’m sure you can too.

I have had one person tell me that when he gets a new bike he lays it down in the grass and practices picking it up by himself so… when it does happen he will know what works best on that bike.

Well I hope this helps when the inevitable does happen and it WILL happen!

Ride safe…

P.S. For a laugh… Things can go wrong. How not to do it… Practice makes perfect.


10 responses to “Help, my bike has fallen and I can’t pick it up!

  1. I did that with my last bike: I was sitting on it with the kickstand up and engine running waiting to back out of a parking space when a friend walked out of a store and started talking to me. I shut the engine off and we talked for a few minutes while i sat on the bike. He called my attention to something in the store. Engaged in the conversation, I leaned the bike over to go into the store to see what he was talking about. Of course the kickstand was still up and the bike went all the way down. How embarrassing!

    But I just wasn’t paying attention…

    • Yeah, it does happen. Because it has happened several times with me I am a bit paranoid and double checking the kickstand before I get off but … there are other things that caused me to drop it too… Never any fun…

  2. Great advice TR, and couldn’t agree more. i have just spent the day on a borrowed Harley and I have been paranoid about making sure the stand was down before I leant it over. Safely back on my bike now. Whenever I have the opportunity I like to show my students the right way to pick up a bike, and I tell them the same thing, ride long enough and you will have to pick it up.

  3. Good advise TR, I have unfortunately done it several times over the years. the worst time was in the middle of Brisbane, fully loaded with swag, tent and supplies for a 3 week ride I was doing. I just could not lift it on my own. thankfully 2 motorists pulled up and gave me a hand.
    Embarrassing… you bet!!

  4. Okay, here is my embarrassing story about dropping my bike.

    I was entering an underground parking garage at a busy hotel in west London, on a heavy Harley-Davidson Road King. Down the ramp I went, to be told by the attendant that they didn’t allow motorcycles to park there. I was not happy with this and told the guy to get the hotel manager because I wanted to discuss this with him. I couldn’t go forward as the barrier was down and I wasn’t about to push the bike backwards up the ramp. Cars had started to queue behind me. The drivers wanted me to move my bike out of the way, but I was so angry about being denied entry, I refused. After about 15 minutes the manager arrived and seeing the ten or so cars waiting on the ramp, argued with me, but eventually agreed to let me in the garage. He left and the barrier was raised. I rode my bike into the garage and immediately dropped it on the tight turn. I couldn’t lift it on my own and had to ask one of the car drivers, that I had held up for about 20 minutes, to help me. I could have died with embarrassment! I have since practiced how to lift my bike.

    • Thanks Gary for stopping by and your comment. That didn’t sound like a fun day. Riding is a learning experience and sometimes you learn things the hard way. I have a Goldwing 900+ pounds and I can pick it up but only because I know the trick… Picking up your bike is a must learn for beginners. Ride safe.

  5. Nice advice! Timely for me with shoulder and knee issues at present!

    • Thanks Alan, We (all us older guys and gals) need all the help we can get. This works for me since I’ve been there don that more times than I would like to admit…

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