My Other Passenger

Our other passenger… Cow A. Sacky

My other passenger’s name is Cow A. Sacky. You can tell by looking at Cow what kind of biker he is. Cow is more of the strong tough silent type of cool biker. Deep down though, Cow is a real softy… He has a real soft touch. Cow never says anything and he is always ready to ride anywhere at anytime. I must say Cow is not too crazy about the rain.  It takes Cow a while to get dried out.. We haven’t found him a good rain suit yet but even then he doesn’t complain. I think Cow would really like to have his own bike… but Cow’s more vertically challenged than myself… So Cow will continue being a “Hanger onner” (i.e. passenger) as Janet sometimes refers to herself.

When I had my Kawasaki Nomad, Janet thought we needed an appropriate mascot to ride with us. She found Cow somewhere (she doesn’t remember where) but Cow needed to dress for riding. Janet found the perfect place to dressed Cow at “Build a Bear”.

We have taken Cow on many rides when space permitted. Needless to say, we get lots of comments, stares, smiles and laughs a long the way. Cow is a good conversation starter even though he does say much.

So we have seen hundreds of your mascots while riding and I know they all have a story about them. Janet and I would love to hear the story, so please tell us about your other passenger.

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