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Everything you wanted to know about us… the Texas Rambler motorcycle travel blog and more.

Have you ever driven past a road many times and wondered where it went, never venturing beyond that thought? When traveling by motorcycle it seems that you always make the turn and travel that road, not knowing where it may lead. That’s the allure of riding. It is always an adventure. You are out there in the elements, feeling the sun, wind, heat, cold, rain and smelling all the smells along the way. Spring flowers, food cooking, rain in the distance etc. all the out-door smells… yes, skunks, dead animals etc. too. Some of the most beautiful scenery we have experienced has been while traveling by motorcycle. Over the years we have taken many motorcycle trips. Friends have asked that we share these trips with everyone who may be interested. Thus the start of this blog. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do sharing it with y’all.

Janet & I (Ivan) have been retired since June 2002. We try to travel as often and cheaply as we can. In 2000 I bought a Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad and renewed my love of motorcycle riding. In 2009 I bought a Honda “Goldwing” with all the options except the airbag. The Goldwing is the Cadillac of touring bikes and we love touring on it.

Many of our trips we have taken have been on the motorcycle but we have taken many other trips also. My main interest is motorcycle touring but we will also share our other adventures here also.

Over time we have learned many things that have made our trip more enjoyable and we will share those tips with you here. Keep checking back for all the updates.

Have fun and be safe,

Ivan & Janet

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9 responses to “About Us

  1. We love taking roads where no cars can go as you can tell by our blog. We figure we have another 4 years of the DS in us and then we both plan on getting BMW sport touring bikes loaded! 😉 I envy you are retired….we both have many many years to go before enjoy freedom!

    • We are lucky to be retired. When you do retire don’t tell anyone! They will think you are just sitting around waiting for their call to do something and when you tell them you are busy… they won’t believe you!!!

      Riding where cars can’t go sounds good to me. Cars & trucks really are a ____ (fill in the blank)… That’s why I like riding out west… fewer cars…

  2. Hi and thanks for connecting on Twitter! Looking forward to reading your blog! And I agree with your comment about being retired! I’ve seen that happen to too many friends!!

    • Thanks Kathleen, It looks like you have the perfect job and hobby. We are looking forward to your future post.

      Ride safe…

  3. Is there a way to “follow” the blog other than RSS? I’d love to get updates.

    • Chris, there is supposed to be a place to get updates by email. I just checked and for some reason it got deactivated. I’ll need to fix that. I was wondering why I haven’t got any email followers in a while. I’m glad you ask. Otherwise I don’t know when I would have noticed. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I like getting feed back from the readers.

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  5. Does any one how to go around Houston traffic (45) and get to Galveston from Dallas

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