Good Gear Makes For a Good Motorcycle Ride

Olympia Men’s Airglide-3 Jacket Neon Yellow

Olympia Women’s Airglide 3 Mesh Jacket Neon Yellow

Good Gear Makes For a Good Motorcycle Ride – If you are like Janet and me, we have filled a closet with leather riding gear (i.e. Jackets and Chaps). It is good gear and has served us well… but there is one problem with all that leather. It’s big bulky and takes up a lot of room on the bike. If you are wearing it there is no problem but we live in Texas which can be very hot but when we ride north or to higher elevations the temperatures can be much cooler or even very cold and we need that gear. So we need to be prepared for the cooler weather and carry all that bulky leather gear with us which limits what else we are able to carry on the bike.

Since my accident I am always thinking about safety and protection and wearing armor just makes sense.

We have been looking for a good solution to the above issues and have found a jacket that will meet all the above needs. We haven’t had a chance to put it to the ultimate test yet but will when we ride from  hot temperatures in Texas to cooler temperatures in northern Arkansas in a few days.

We did a lot of research. We found several jackets with similar functionality and cheaper prices. The jacket we have chosen is the “Olympia Airglide 3”. We kept coming back to this jacket. It fit us well and everything seemed to function well together.

Enhanced function and versatility are the key elements offered in Olympia’s Airglide 3 Jacket. Heat, wind, rain and cold are no match for this cutting edge style. Constructed in authentic Cordura fabric with ballistic nylon mesh panels, this jacket offers maximum airflow with superior abrasion resistance. For added safety, Airglide offers double rows of 3M Scotchlite piping at the chest, back and sleeves. Equipped with a sporty two stage, wind and waterproof, Thermolite insulated liner jacket, this style delivers the ultimate in multi-season riding comfort.


  • Outer shell constructed in 500 denier Cordura fabric with ballistic airflow mesh panels
  • Removable CE approved Motion Flex armor at elbows and shoulders
  • Removable CE approved Motion Flex articulated back protector
  • Cool mesh airflow lining
  • Custom Fit detailing at collar, cuffs, elbows and waist
  • Comfort neoprene framed collar
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective piping at front, sides and back
  • 8” connecting zipper for pants
  • Five storage pockets
  • Two stage waterproof liner jacket: Sturdy wind and waterproof-breathable rip stop nylon shell with removable Thermolite insulation, rib collar, two waterproof zipper pockets and interior cell phone pocket

The advantages for us are we can wear the outer jacket during heat, add one or both inter liners as they are needed. The two liners are easily fold and store well without taking up much space.

We will update this post when we return, so check back see how we and the jackets did.

Ride safe…

Here is the update on how the jackets did.


10 responses to “Good Gear Makes For a Good Motorcycle Ride

  1. The thing about a waterproof liner is the mesh jacket will be a heavy soggy mess in a down pour. I’m on the lookout for a jacket that will meet the same criteria as yours and I’m still looking.

    • I am concerned about that too. We will find out tomorrow as we will probably be riding in rain… We have our rain suits just in case…

      I’ll let y’all know when we get back… Thanks for taking the time to comment. Ride safe…

  2. I have just changed from the trusty leather jacket to a Cordura textile Jacket, and I must say I’m really liking the change. Great wind protection, great cold weather performance and very comfortable. I haven’t had the opportunity to test it’s hot or wet weather performance yet, but otherwise I’m impressed. Having elbow, shoulder and back armour certainly makes me feel more confident on the road. The one I’m using is a Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring jacket. Hope the Airglides live up to expectations.

  3. My husband and I are just starting out as Harley riding enthusiasts, and your information is very valuable! As a Texan, I am really interested to see how your new gear works for you as you head north into Arkansas.

    • The new gear is working really well. I’ll post more when we get back. Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found some useful information… Ride safe and I hope we see y’all on the road somewhere.

  4. We rode 2 weeks ago in 45 degree temperatures and rain. Our gear happened to be Tourmaster and Cortech with the rainguard liners. Can you say warm and dry? We had riding jackets and pants. Others in our group had leather jackets and chaps. The chaps held off the rain for a while….but then got very heavy.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, leathers can get really wet. We always wear rains suits in heavy rain because of that. We are liking the Olympia jackets so far. Haven’t put a lot of miles on them yet but what we have done we are really pleased. I wished I had done this sooner. We are constantly learning new things and better ways.

  5. I have to say, a good set of textiles is a must. I ride everyday here in Yorkshire and weather can change very quickly. The combination I’m using now is great and I use the same top and bottoms all year round. I’m guessing you get higher temperatures than we do and pretty sure it gets colder and wetter here. I never use the liner for the jacket. The last four winters have taught me to start with a good wicking base layer then keep adding wool or microfiber layers. My bottoms have an ‘Everlast’ temperature regulating lining. It works great so that stays in all year!

    The only thing I want now is an additional over-suit for when there is a prolonged wet spell. Textiles are awesome and mine are truly waterproof but after a good soaking, they are seldom dry outside by morning. It’s not a massive problem but it’s heavy and can be a bit demoralizing and doesn’t smell great after a while. I just want a set that pack down small and won’t take up much room.

    Great blog by the way.

    • Thanks for the input. We will be riding all the way to Banff in Canada next year. That should really put the jackets to a good test. From heat of Texas to Cool/Cold of Canada. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It is greatly appreciated. Ride safe…

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