Problem Solved… I Hope…


Texas Rambler Business Card (front)

Problem Solved… I Hope… I am always meeting people and the conversation inevitably leads to riding motorcycles and traveling on motorcycle. I always talk about this blog and encourage them to have a look. Sometimes I see these people again and they have made an effort to look at the blog but had forgotten the address. So here is my solution… The Texas Rambler business card. Now if they can just hang onto the card until they are sitting in front of their computer 😉 …

Texas Rambler Business Card (back)

Texas Rambler Business Card (back)

12 responses to “Problem Solved… I Hope…

  1. Great looking card TR. I have found mine have been working pretty well, so I’m sure yours will also.

  2. Take 2. First reply my computer had a fizzy hick.

    It’s a great idea. Do you mind if i use it? the idea not the card :).


  3. Great looking card Texas Rambler. BikerMonkey is still needing to get cards made, need to get off the backside and make it happen! Let me know how it works out.

  4. Great job. I need to do one now.. Ride On.

  5. I’ve been using cards for about three years, simply because people don’t remember Web addresses. I don’t know what the “hit rate” is with them because there’s no way to track it.

    • I know there is no way to know what the hit rate is… but I figure I will get a few comments from some who got the cards… I figure every little bit helps…

  6. Interesting post. I could do with trying something similar. Problem is last year I can think of all of about one occasion when I might have handed one over and you can be sure I’d not have had one handy. That’s really because I don’t get out enough and Brits don’t seem as keen to share (though motorcyclist are a bit better than other groups). Last time I was Stateside on a motorbike we were never stationary for long before we struck up a conversation with someone. I do however have an urge to push my blog a bit harder so I should give it a go. Any other suggestions about how to get it going?

    • Texas Rambler

      Bikers are a different lot for sure…. I have never found any that wasn’t ready to swap stories… And when on the bike it seems everyone wants to talk about what you are doing… even it they don’t ride themselves. I think there is a little bit of biker in everyone…

      I just got bumper stickers like the front of the business card….

      Thanks for stopping by… Happy blogging…

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