What Motorcycle Do You Ride?


So what motorcycle do you ride? If you ride, you will meet people who ride and people who do not ride. The conversation always gets around to your ride and why you love… or in some cases hate your bike… or trike. Everyone has good reasons what and why they ride. I have learned a lot over the years talking to other riders. There is no one bike for everyone… If you have ridden any length of time you know that. The bike you ride is as important as the gear you wear. A bike that does not fit your style of riding or how well you fix on the bike will eventually cause you to want something else. I’m vertically challenged and that affects what bikes I have to choose from.  All the vertically challenged know exactly what I talking about. Vertically superior riders have their issues too. I think I would rather have their issues… but they may not agree.

I’m always getting prospective first time riders who ask what bike they should buy. I have my experiences and they have served me well… but I feel I could know more.

No one wants to buy a bike and wished they had bought something else. They say it takes 3 bikes to get to the one you really like. From my experience I think that tends to be true.

Please take a few moments and tells us what you ride and why… We could all benefit from your knowledge.


Rest stop with town in the distance...

Rest stop with town in the distance…

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