New Year’s Resolution For Motorcycle Riders…


100_1787 New Years Resolution

New Year’s Resolution For Motorcycle Riders

We wish everyone a happy and safe New Year’s. Thanks to all who follow us here  at The Texas Rambler and on our Facebook page. You have made 2013 a great year for us.

If you plan to ride more this year, feel free to share this post or picture.

Below are some of the rides we have done over the years. There might be one for you. Check them out.

If you liked these rides there are more to come. Don’t miss any ride post. Look for the “Subscribe to Texas Rambler via Email” at the bottom left column to receive notifications of new posts by email. Also please take some time to leave us a comment. We always love hearing from y’all…

Ride safe and I hope we see y’all down the road somewhere in 2014…


13 responses to “New Year’s Resolution For Motorcycle Riders…

  1. best of the New Year to you TR and I hope you and Janet achieve your resolution plus some 🙂

    • Thanks, I hope y’all have a good one too… Are you still planning on getting over to the states?

      Ride safe…

  2. Thanks Ivan, I like reading your posts, even the ones that I have been lucky enough to be A part of. riding motorcycles have allowed me to have friends from all over, Canada, Hawaii, Texas, and A host of people from the
    tri-state area that without riding motorcycles, I would not have the privilege of knowing.

    • Thanks Larry, meeting people is one of the things I really like about riding. People are always ready to talk about about the bikes, where you are from, where you’re going.. Riders and non riders alike.

      Where are we headed this year? Shirely still want to do Big bend?

  3. Happy New Year and safe riding to you!

  4. Hi TR,

    I have to be honest and say I doubt I can make it. Would truly love to, but unless I have a bit of a lottery win the finances will not allow it.
    Already committed to New Zealand and I think that will be it for the year. Gotta keep the little woman happy 🙂 .
    Sorry, maybe the next year.


    • Been there doing that too. I need to win the lottery too. I’d be riding Australia in a heart beat if I could get the fiances together.

      Yeah, gotta keep Janet happy too ;).

      Here’s hoping that will change for us… Ride safe…

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  6. I like this picture Pops!

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