The Hazards of Riding a Motorcycle 100 Years Ago

From the “Yesteryears” column of “The Williamson County Sun” of Georgetown, Texas on April 23, 2014

“Pair of mules scares motorcyclist during ride”

APRIL 23, 1914

“Sidney Purl passed through Florence last Sunday; en route to Young-sport to visit Esq. Ray; who is reported very frail. Sid reports a very exciting as well as dangerous experience on his way up. He was riding a motorcycle and he states he passed a four-horse team on the road. The team seemed a bit excited, but he got by it all okay; and he thought all was going well when he happened to look back and see close behind him a pair of mules with all their harness coming at full speed. He says he tried to pick up speed, but was too late. The mules spread out on either side of him and Sid says he ducked his head and trusted to Providence for luck, and it came. The mules passed him without an accident, but he was so badly scared that he and his wheel collapsed in a heap by the roadside soon as the team had passed.”

This was in the local newspaper “The Williamson County Sun”. They run stories under the heading “Yesteryears” of news from past years that happened on the day of publishing. For a motorcyclist of today, this is just too funny to not share. The hazards of riding a motorcycle 100 tears ago.

Aren’t you glad we don’t have to worry much about being run over by a team of mules these days…

Ride safe and I hope I see you on the road somewhere…

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