Riding My Motorcycle And Christmas Shopping!

motorcycle touring, motorcycle travel, motorcycle ride, motorcycle trip, motorcycle riding, motorcycle road trips, TravelRiding my motorcycle and Christmas shopping… You just can’t beat that. I am lucky to live here in central Texas. We never put our bikes away for winter. Yes, we can have some really cold and nasty winter weather but in a day or two it will be clear skies with temperatures ranging from the 40’s to the 80’s.

Monday was one of those days and the Wing was feeling a bit neglected and I just needed to get out and ride. And since I needed to do some Christmas shopping I decided to combine the two. Janet had looked at a few things and I decided to go get them for her stocking by the longest scenic route I could find.

motorcycle touring, motorcycle travel, motorcycle ride, motorcycle trip, motorcycle riding, motorcycle road trips, Travel

Christmas Shopping Route

It was a bit cool but perfect riding weather. I like cool better than hot any day. You can dress for cool but you can’t ride naked when it is blistering hot… The ride was just about 111 miles, round trip. I set the radio to Magic 95.5 and listened to Christmas music during the ride. Nothing better to clear your mind than riding listening to Christmas music. It just helps put you into the Christmas spirit.

It was a great ride and I can check off one more thing off my Christmas gift list.

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Y’all ride safe… I hope I see you down the road somewhere…

4 responses to “Riding My Motorcycle And Christmas Shopping!

  1. I was doing the same thing yesterday as it was in the mid 50’s and approaching 60 degrees here. The new motorcycle came with a year of SiriusXM radio and I was listening to a Christmas music station, Holly, through the fairing speakers. As I parked at one spot a woman walked up and said “That’s great! I just love your Christmas spirit.” I stopped at the bank to use a walk up ATM. “Feliz Navidad” was the song already playing when I started up. The guy in the next spot was waiting for his passenger with his window open and he was Latino and just started singing along, looked over and waved. Everyone had the Christmas spirit.

    • I had similar experience when I stopped for gas. The lady on the other side of the pump stepped around to my side and said, “”Beautiful day for Christmas shopping, Merry Christmas.” 🙂

  2. This is historic for me, living in Northwest Indiana, I went Christmas shopping yesterday on my motorcycle. The temperature was 45 to 47 degree F in the afternoon. I made a 100 mile loop same as I have made in past years with the truck in 4 wheel drive due to snow drifts.

    • The best way to shop… Weather permitting… Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Ride safe and I hope we see you down the road somewhere…

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