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What Is Going On With My Motorcycle’s Front Tire?

Front tire wear

Front tire wear

What is going on with my front tire (tyre)? I checked my tires (tyres) a few weeks ago and found my front tire was wearing just on the left side. The right side had a lot of tread but the left side tread was gone! What could cause that? It looked like a major problem to me. I have never had a tire wear that way before. My first thought was to take my bike to the dealer to have them check it out but I didn’t have time. A week or so went by and it was still bugging me. I thought I would google it and see what would come up. WOW, a lot came up. There are a lot of riders out there with the same problem asking the same question. I found a lot of answers but some of them were pretty crazy… Below are some of the answers…

  • Something else that affects left side tire wear is a lot or riders cruise with only their right hand on the bars. The left hand sitting in your lap or resting on the tank. This causes you to subconsciously shift your body weight slightly to the left to compensate for holding onto the right side of the bike.
  • Were you ONLY turning left? Not a good thing at all.  Left fork and left rear shock on different settings/ fluid levels than the right?
  • You may want to watch how you load the saddle bags, if your heavy on the right side you will tend to lean left to keep going straight….
  • Actually, how badly crowned are the roads where you live? Here in Maine, we have some roads at, if they got more crowned, you could confuse them for the roofs of houses. That can (and does) cause uneven wear on tires. (will cause a little less than normal wear on the right, a LOT more wear on the left)

This is what I believe to be the correct answer or reason for the left side tire wear. Last September we did a ride with thousands of curves. Lately, we have done a lot of rides with a lot of curves… more curves than normal… That’s normal for around where I live. You folks who live in countries that ride on the wrong (left 😉 ) side of the road may notice the same tyre (tire) wear but on the right side. The short answer… Each left hand turn is longer than a right hand turn because we ride on the right side of the road and most people are more comfortable taking left hand turns and will ride more aggressively. In other words you are riding longer distances making left turns and you are riding harder… I did find several posts stating this same reason. This post goes into great detail about all types of tire wear. If you have a tire wear question, this post probably answers it. Here is another post worth looking at… Problem solved… answered… Ride safe…